Saturday, 14 March 2009

Too late for Valentine' day! It seems it's always after an event when I get the inspiration for it. Just like in the case of this simple copper heart with a Swarovski crystal and earrings to match. But I like the wavy links best, they look dainty. Well, mother's day is not far!

This bracelet is done in barbed helm weave with goldfilled wire in 22g. The rings used are 4mm and 3.25mm ID. Anything smaller, it becomes too tight and larger will make it too floppy and not hold the pattern.

This bracelet is euro 4-1 but woven lengthwise with 4 rings per row. Also made in goldfilled 22g wire with rings of 3mm ID.


  1. love the heart set......and your chainmaille is beautiful. Do you make your own rings? I bought some gold filled wire during the Thunderbird Supply Super sale and have been thinking about doing some maille in the gold. It looks so rich.

  2. I really like your wavy links! And I admire your patience in making the chainmaille.

  3. Your work is absolutely stunning. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving such a lovely compliment. It means twice as much coming from such a talented artist as you!


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