Sunday, 18 March 2018


Easter is fast approaching and the time to create some decorations for the festivities has come. Today I want to show you something a little different from the usual. Easter eggs made of wire and embellished with beads, crystals and more wire. So, grab your tools, wire and a good selection of various beads in any colours you fancy!

What you will need:

Wire cutters, roundnose pliers, flatnose pliers, chainnose pliers, 20g or 18g copper wire for the egg shapes, 24g and 30g copper wire for attaching beads etc. A selection of beads, crystals, leaf shapes or flower beads, even buttons if you like. For shaping the eggs I used an oval bottle (because real eggs will crack and who has egg shaped items) and a round one with the same diameter as the oval at its widest point (not longest). A measuring tape or a piece of string to determine the circumference of the oval shape. A felt pen or sharpie to mark the oval container where you want to start shaping.

Let us start!

First cut a few lengths of 20g or 18g wire in the length you measured plus an extra 8 -10cm for creating a loop at the top of the egg. Hold the centre of the wire against the narrow part of the oval where marked and with the other hand lead the wire to the opposite side and bend it so it overlaps. Still holding it in place mark the centre of the overlapping wire with the pen. Now you can let go. Form the remaining wires likewise. Next take the flatnose pliers and bend one end up where marked at an angle of 90° and the other end around the one you just bent up, also at 90° where marked.

wire ends overlapping
at right angles
left wire end wrapped
twice around the upright
Holding the top of the oval shape with flatnose pliers wrap the lower end twice around the upright end. Cut the end close to the wrap and use chainnose pliers to squeeze tight. Cut the upright end to about1.5cm, bend it sideways and form a loop using roundnose pliers.

Loop formed and egg shape
Remember the round bottle/container you haven't used yet? Insert it in the centre of the oval and gradually force it down until it reaches the bottom. Use your fingers to re-mould it while the round shape is still within. Gently remove and your egg should be properly shaped. Form the remaining cut wires the same way.

Now it's time to decorate. You can take inspiration from the picture above or you have a session with your creative muse! 

I call my designs jewelled Easter eggs because of the materials used. But you can achieve a completely different style by using pipe cleaners and buttons or other decorative items like in the photo below!

Pipe cleaner wrapped around the egg shape
with motif from a hair clip 

The individual decorated eggs, a little larger this time.


  1. How delightful and so creative.

  2. They are awesome! Will have to try if I can manage to create such beautiful eggs as well

  3. Thank you Mascha. The eggs are not that hard to make, once you get the hang of it!

  4. Very creative! I can't decide which is my favourite.


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