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When I was little I was always looking forward to Easter because of the various decorations we children could make to herald the spring. There is one in particular I have never forgotten and that is a little vase made from an eggshell.

Wildflowers in an Easter egg vase
To make each vase you first have to eat a softboiled egg. Gently crack the pointy top of the egg and carefully remove the bits of shell until the opening is large enough for your spoon. When eating the egg make sure you do not damage the inner membrane, because this will make the vase waterproof. I tried using a raw eggshell but the membrane became brittle and broke. And for obvious reasons a hardboiled egg will not work either.

This is a nice project for young or old. Children can use paints or stickers to decorate to their hearts' content. Grown-ups too can use various options to create little masterpieces! I decided for a quick and easy way to get an elegant look, so I used spray paint!

Materials needed are clean eggshells, paints, stickers etc. for decorating, glue and something the egg can stand on. As children we used 3 elbow macaroni, glued them evenly around the bottom of the egg, making sure it will stand straight. To make the macaroni waterproof we painted them with clear nail varnish (usually sneaked from mother's bedroom!)

But nowadays it is probably easier (but less fun) to use a plastic ring from a small bottle. Here is what I used:

Cleaned eggshell and plastic ring

Plastic ring glued on. The white line was the result
 of jiggling the ring into its proper position

Spray-painted with gold lacquer
 When all is dry add water and small flowers of your choice. These little vases make beautiful decorations for an Easter breakfast table or grouped together on a centre table. Let your imagination fly!

Silver spray paint was used for this vase

Not many wildflowers available here, so I used small heads of ixora instead

If you live in a temperate climate you could try violets or snowdrops for stunning results!

I hope you enjoyed this post and if you did, please drop a comment!


  1. What a lovely childhood memory. The idea is sweet for children. 😊

  2. Yes! Lovely for children of all ages!


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