Sunday, 25 February 2018

More Dessert!

Agbalumo Jelly

In my last post I told you that some more ideas concerning agbalumo (white star apple/African star apple) were floating around in my head. Using the same drink as previously concocted I decided to try making it into a jelly for another light dessert. And it worked! Naturally I was quite pleased with myself, so I am happy to share my recipe with you.

Normally one would use gelatine to make a jelly, but since it wasn't available I used our homegrown tapioca. It is not the most refined product to use, unlike pearl sago which gives a different texture to the dish. Buying the local tapioca you will find it comes in small lumps as hard as rock. In order to make it easier to use I ground it in small portions in a spice grinder.


It is not advisable to use it as shown on the left because it will not cook evenly, despite soaking.

The ground tapioca gives a smooth result without any lumps.

And now for the recipe.


500ml (1/2l) of prepared agbalumo drink at room temperature, 50g ground tapioca


Place the tapioca into a bowl and add the drink, stirring to dissolve. Cover and allow to stand for about 3 hours. Then pour it into a pot and place on high heat. Now this is a bit tedious but essential. You have to stir it gently continuously to prevent sticking or even burning. Remember that tapioca is just starch. When the lot comes to boil reduce the heat so it is just simmering but continue stirring. You will know when it is ready when the colour changes from opaque to a clear orange which will take between 15 to 20 minutes. Pour into prepared serving cups or glasses and chill for several hours. If the jelly is solid enough you might want to turn each portion onto individual serving dishes and serve with a topping of your choice. My own was a bit too soft because I didn't give it enough time to set before serving. So I left the jelly in the glasses and just decorated with vanilla cream. This amount gives two generous servings.

Agbalumo Jelly

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  1. This jelly tasted so good. Not to sweet wirh a lovely tangy background. If one can get gelatine would it be a different process?

    1. To use gelatine is easier because after softening it in some of the liquid it is poured into hot remaining liquid and stirred to dissolve completely. Then you pour it into prepared moulds or glasses. No lengthy cooking required.


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