Sunday, 18 February 2018

Dessert Anyone? Blancmange With A Difference

I can't say I know anyone who does not like dessert. Either at the end of a meal or as a little treat anytime! There is such a huge variety of sweet concoctions that it is often difficult to decide what to have.

But if you make it yourself instead of buying it then simple is best. So today I want to give you an easy recipe and as far as I know a brand new one which I have just created! Remember the agbalumo drink I posted about a little while ago? Well, I decided to experiment a little, having had a "what if" idea.

I thought if I take the drink I made and turn it into a blancmange/pudding/dessert it should be quite palatable. And it truly is easy to prepare. And tasty!

Agbalumo Blancmange

No special equipment is necessary, except some small moulds to set the pudding. If none are available, moin moin cups can be used or some wine glasses. Use what you have.

And here is the recipe:


500 ml of prepared agbalumo drink, 40 g of cornflour


Rinse your moulds with cold water and keep to one side. This is to prevent the blancmange from sticking when you want to turn it out!

Place cornflour into small bowl and add about 4-5 tbsp of the agbalumo drink, stir to dissolve. Put the remaining drink in a pot and bring to boil. Take off the heat and whisk in the cornflour slurry. Return to the fire and stir until it bubbles up. Remove from heat immediately and pour into the prepared moulds. When the puddings are just warm place them in the fridge for several hours to set.

This quantity gives 4 small portions (for people watching their weight!) or 2 normal sized ones. The recipe can easily be doubled or tripled for a family meal!

When ready to eat, turn the agbalumo blancmange onto individual dessert plates and serve with homemade chocolate or vanilla sauce. A dollop of whipped cream could also be placed on top!

Let me know if you want a recipe for any of the sauces mentioned above.

Ready to be enjoyed!


  1. Fantastic!! What a great what if idea! It looks super yummy too!

  2. Thank you! More ideas hatching.

  3. Very creative. Have they hatched yet?

    1. Only one. Others are still in the embryonic stage!


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