Friday, 24 April 2009

Variations on a theme

After posting the first set of wire string art I really got bitten by the bug to try variations which would show the beauty of the patterns. Now I am getting carried away by the endless possibilities.
The first is done in navy/light blue with a bead to match the design.
Instead of using the coil I decided to make this zig zag shape to hold the wraps. Here I used three layers to add to the structure. They do not show as such because I used the same colour wire, but I like the result.
More playing around with frames to hold the wraps. For this I used roundnose pliers to shape the coils, fairly small, so in a way they act like the nails used in the original string art from decades ago.
I like these variations, but will still work more on them for some refinement! What do you think?


  1. Great variations. Would love to see some little drops off of the last one...

  2. Wonderful variations. I dont' want to be left out and made one. Will be posting in my blog later :)

  3. Beautiful work ! I really love the 2nd one with the copper !

  4. Those are really cool! And the wire is so precise, very well-made! (Pats you on the back)

  5. Mum, the copper one reminds me of a pancake with sugar work - I want it!

  6. I have been playing around with the same idea, mixing wire colors, etc. Your workmanship is meticulous. You have truly inspired me to step it up! Thank you so much for sharing your work with those of us who aspire to do work as beautifully as you.


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