Sunday, 5 April 2009

Surprise Award

Working on my blog this morning and checking any comments, I was most pleasantly surprised to see that I was given this award by kokopelli. Thank you so much!
Please, check out her blog - I love going there because the posts are humorous and easy to read, and the jewellery is so unique! Best of all for me is that one can keep up with the German language, lovely.
To find seven unusual things I like to do is a bit challenging, but I will try:

1  I like trying unusual food, i.e. crocodile steak
2  researching ancient cultures
3  reading fairy tales from the Pacific island groups
4  hunting for unusual plants
5  trying to grow vegetables of temperate origin in a tropical climate
6  star gazing
7  sitting on the beach contemplating the Atlantic

The person I choose for the award is Wilma of wilmas whimsies. She makes some of the most outstanding beads I have ever seen. Go to her blog or etsy site for the most amazing eye candy!

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