Saturday, 4 April 2009


The first experiment is a pair of ear vines. I got the free tutorial from and worked two sample pairs, but the springi-
ness was not enough to hold the vine securely. After some playing
around I came up with this version which has a double coil to give 
more spring. I also curved the earwire down before taking it up to the 
top. In the original the wire came out at a right angle to the coil before 
going up. Wearing it like this brings the coil below the earlobe, which to me did not look to attractive, but with my version the coil sits on the earlobe where it is meant to be and the entire piece feels more secure.
My second experiment is this necklace. Simple coils of 4 complete revolutions with loops at 12 & 6 o'clock, one horizontal and the second one vertical. Before completing the vertical loop I used 4mm Swarovski hotfix crystals, placed them in the centre of each coil and ironed them on, first from the top, then turned the coils over to give the crystals the final fixing. Then I completed the vertical loops and connected all together.
The idea came after having noticed Swarovski hotfix crystals on some of the most unusual items, so I decided to try it on wire and it works! But one thing is certain, to fix those tiny things is not easy, they are slippery on the wire, do not want to stay in the middle and if one is not careful in placing the iron they shift and end up where you do not want them. But the final result is worth it, even though to make the coils is much faster than the iron on process. What do you think?


  1. Those are terrific! Great work!

  2. The ear lobes are great! I saw free tutorials for them, but never tried. It's not easy to find earring designs for people who have no ear holes. Good idea to use the hotfix crystals.
    Oh, and check out my blog as I left you an award! I had very much fun to do the unusual things list. Hope you like it, too!

  3. The necklace is great! I would have never thought about using the hotfix crystals.
    And what a great solution for the vine earrings, I just might need to try to make another pair. I did make a pair of vine earrings a few months ago, but they just didn't turn out the way I wish they would, and actually didn't look good on my ears. Hoping to try your idea soon.

  4. Wow, great idea!! So glad I stopped by!!


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