Friday, 6 March 2009

More pendants

This pendant was made in copper wire e-wrap with a picture jasper and Swarovski crystals.  And one day I will figure out why this post decided to be underlined!!!
Sometimes the intricacies of the net are simply too muchGrrrh.

Another filigree pendant in silverplated wire with malachite.


  1. Very fun! Love your flowers.
    My fingers are sore just looking at all your twisting and weaving!

  2. ooooooooh I am just in love with the filigree pendant, it is just stunning

  3. Al these are just beautiful. Perhaps the underlining was to say LOOK HERE IT'S AMAZING JEWELRY :) These remind me of Lotus, they're beautiful as all of your work.

  4. I'm.a nut.. Anne, sorry i typo.ed on Al ;)

  5. I really enjoy looking at your pieces and the flowers are great!


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