Friday, 20 March 2009

Be Grateful

Today I learned all over again to be grateful for all that I have and take for granted! A new member signed up to the wire wrap group I belong to.  She is a great grandmother of the tender age of 73. She works her jewellery in copper and writes her posts in caps on her computer. WHY? She is legally blind!!!. For a person of this age and the handicap she has to deal with to do all this is utterly praiseworthy and all the rest of us should not gripe or moan about lesser problems!

Therefore I say, be grateful for what you have!


  1. Amen to that. My little boy has been having so many troubles lately, and I get so overwhelmed with worry over it, and then I realize -- hey, this could really be a LOT worse.

  2. I have seen someone that's color blind won a great color composition award - she then told us she learned the color by code, as in - code. And try to visualize which color code would go well with which.

    Totally respect.

  3. How uplifting and inspiring and humbling.


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