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Last week I was busy making chainmaille bracelets, and when I was tired of that I turned to amethyst and citrine. I still need to improve in photography, but here are the results:

I have always wanted to do something 3dimensional in wire wrapping and my brain just throws ideas and pictures  at me willy-nilly, but I never "saw" what could be done. Also I hardly ever sketch, unless I have a very concrete idea in my head. But after seeing the work of Huan Pham, which I showed in my last post, I decided to try my hand. And to my surprise the result was quite pleasing. Of course I cannot and will not copy outright, and how could I, since no details were given. So I just came up with this: 19g and 30g champagne wire encasing a marble.
Now the marbles are an issue because they belong (or belonged) to my daughters when they were little and now they all want one like this as a keepsake, forbidding me to use any for any other purpose whatsoever!!!
Seems I have to find my own marbles or o…
Yesterday I  saw unbelievable eye candy! Through one of the forums I belong to I found the blog of an extremely talented wire jewellery artist. When I saw his work my jaw dropped, my eyes bulged and all my skin was tingling. Believe me, I have seen outstanding work before (not that I can do any of it yet) but this guy is by himself "one of a kind". If you are interested here is his blog: http://huanpham.blogspot.comI will try and show you some of what he does, just to entice you.
The big day has finally arrived. Everyone is up early to get prepared and help prepare. If the event is held in ones garden tents for the guests will be set up, facing each other with a good clearance in the middle. A smaller tent for bride and groom will be placed at right angles to the others to one side of the centre space. Chairs will be placed in straight rows facing the centre where a table will be placed to hold the dowry. A smaller table is put beside it for the celebration cake.In one suitable corner the DJ will arrange his equipment. The decorator is busy and her helpers assist in blowing up balloons. Everything has to match the colour scheme of the day, which was chosen way back by both bride and groom.To really treat guests well, the cooking will be done at home by women hired for the occasion. They will cook all night long in the backyard with firewood and missionary pots. The food will be outstanding, better than what one can get from catering companies. A long row of ta…
The day of the engagement is now fast approaching. Final checks are made to ensure no detail was forgotten. If one did not have a videographer at the previous events, now is the time to hire one. Invitations have to be sent out and those well connected will also invite the media including television. The weaving of the aso-oke should be completed by now and has to be taken to a tailor for sewing.A very important part in finalizing the union is the dowry the groom’s family has to pay. In most cases nowadays money is only a token amount. But the other items can come to quite a tidy sum. The dowry will be presented on the engagement day:50 tubers of yam (each almost 2 feet long)50 pieces of dried smoked fish50 pieces of kola nut50 pieces of bitter kola nut50 pieces alligator pepper1 bag of salt1 carton of cube sugar1 bottle pure honey2 crates each of mineral and malt drinks1 live goat1 basket of assorted fruit4 gallons groundnut oilA bowl of adun (palmoil mixed with ground corn, chili pe…
Before I embark on the last part of this saga I want to show some of the pictures, i.e. the various baskets and an example of the all important letter. Relish!
Yes, letter writing is serious business. The person entrusted with this task must be able to produce a well written document using the best calligraphy. Of course with computers it is much easier, but people who demand quality still insist on a handwritten letter.What is this letter all about you ask? Actually there will be two. The first one is from the groom’s family to the bride’s family. It is the official proposal of marriage stating all the details like full names, date of birth, place of origin etc. of the groom as well as the details of the girl, signed by the head of the groom’s family. The second letter is the official acceptance of the proposal by the bride’s family, equally detailed. These letters are a work of art in themselves. Usually large, at least an A4 size, they can take different outlooks, such as a scroll on parchment or a big fold open card with the letter affixed inside. Whatever style is chosen, in each case they are highly ornamental. But this is not all! Eac…
I am a

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What a surprise! I am a sunflower according to the quiz.
SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 7, 2009Continuing the saga of Yoruba engagements/weddings. Before I dive into the next chapter I want to explain why I always say:"engagements/weddings". In days gone by it was the accepted way to get married according to the traditions of the Yoruba people. That was prior to registry or church wedding. Now this event and all which leads up to it is regarded as the official engagement. But as an engagement it is slightly nonsensical, as it is usually held the day before the "real" wedding, at most a week before. No matter, traditions like this should be kept for the sheer joy of the occasion.The first hurdle has been jumped. Now the girl's father is informed, who in turn will inform the head of the extended family, who is the most senior male. Then a date for the wedding will be considered and eventually agreed upon by all. Now the girl's family too will hire analaga to represent them in the meetings ahead.Next of course there will be dis…
As I said, time is against me. So the picture of the finished set did not show up. I am very sorry, but right now I will try again. All other posting will be left for the weekend when I have more time!
Time and Internet are conspiring against me. When I have finished reading my emails and replying to them, very little time is left for posting anything!
But I did manage to take some pics of the bridal jewellery just completed. The continuing story of Yoruba engagement/wedding traditions will follow shortly, I promise!
Here is the picture of the jewellery for the traditional engagement/wedding of our bride.