Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Last week I was busy making chainmaille bracelets, and when I was tired of that I turned to amethyst and citrine. I still need to improve in photography, but here are the results:

I have always wanted to do something 3dimensional in wire wrapping and my brain just throws ideas and pictures  at me willy-nilly, but I never "saw" what could be done. Also I hardly ever sketch, unless I have a very concrete idea in my head. But after seeing the work of Huan Pham, which I showed in my last post, I decided to try my hand. And to my surprise the result was quite pleasing. Of course I cannot and will not copy outright, and how could I, since no details were given. So I just came up with this: 19g and 30g champagne wire encasing a marble.

Now the marbles are an issue because they belong (or belonged) to my daughters when they were little and now they all want one like this as a keepsake, forbidding me to use any for any other purpose whatsoever!!!

Seems I have to find my own marbles or other undrilled objects which are suitable, if I want to continue with this design.


  1. What a fab pendant. I'd love to have the courage to do a 3D item, I need way more practice first though lol...


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