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Coasters in different shapes and materials can be found in almost every home, on the breakfast table,  the coffee tray or the garden table. They are used to protect the furniture from the heat of your coffee as well as the condensation of your iced drinks. With constant use coasters should be changed or replaced often and for this reason it is good to have a variety to suit different settings and occasions.

And the best way to achieve this is by making your own. But don't just make them for your own home, also consider crafting a set as a gift for someone near and dear to you. Mother's day is close and the set of coasters I show you today would be quite a suitable gift and is quick and easy to make.

Coaster set 
For this set you will need 1 ball of yarn in each colour you wish to use, a crochet hook 3mm and 61 plastic rings about 5mm thick with an inner diameter of 1.5cm, 7 for each small coaster and 19 for the large one.

Plastic rings, slightly enlarged
Each ring is filled with 24 double crochet and closed with a slip stitch into a round.

If these rings are not obtainable you can change the way the coasters are made. In the video which follows you will be shown some smaller circles in different colours for a different look. Those smaller circles are worked around five chain stitches closed to a round. To obtain a similar sized coaster you will crochet 19 small circles. Each circle is made up of a 5 chain round, filled with 12 double crochet.

 As you can see, the starting tail is worked right into the round and therefore can be cut off on completion. Leave a tail when each circle is complete to attach each circle to the next from the wrong side of the work. When work is complete trim off any ends.

I hope you will enjoy this small tutorial and that it will inspire you to make many variations which you can treasure.

If there are any questions, likes or dislikes, please let me know. I will get back to you soonest.

1 large, 6 small

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