Saturday, 2 December 2017

Coconut Candy

A very common treat in Nigeria, but not so well known in other countries, is coconut candy. It is made from fresh coconuts, not the desiccated type. Now that Christmas is only a few weeks away you might want to try this out to serve along with your regular Christmas cookies.

Fresh coconut

First, obtain a good sized coconut which should be fairly heavy for its size. Shake it to hear if any water sloshes around inside which is very important. If you do not hear any liquid moving around, the coconut is bad and should not be bought. The coconut water is used in the preparation of the candy, so drain it into a container after piercing the "eyes" of the coconut.

The coconut water has been drained

Now you need a hammer to crack the coconut all around and with a final sharp blow it will break open. Using a sharp knife remove the flesh and also the brown skin adhering.

The fresh flesh from a very juicy coconut


Now it is time to grate the coconut on a grater like the one shown in the picture. If you use a coarser grater the finished product will not stick together very well. And now for the recipe.

You need a baking tray for tiny cupcakes or a mini ice cream scoop. One can also use two teaspoons for shaping the candy and a lightly greased plate.


2 cups freshly grated coconut (about 240 -250 grams)
1 cup sugar (280 grams)
the reserved coconut water plus enough plain water to make 250 ml
1 tsp butter


Place coconut and sugar in a heavy bottomed stainless steel pan and mix well, add the liquid and place on high heat. When the mixture starts to boil give it an occasional stir. When the liquid has almost evaporated add the bit of butter and keep stirring. When dry it will start to caramelize very quickly. So keep stirring until golden brown. Immediately take the pot off the heat and start shaping the candy, using a teaspoon or scoop to press into the cupcake tray. Or use one teaspoon to take a little heap from the pan and a second teaspoon to compress it into a quenelle or ball shape and place on greased plate. If not well compressed the balls will fall apart, so care should be taken to give each a good squeeze!

Cooling off in the mini cupcake tray

Total time spent including the prep work on the coconut is about two hours. I hope you enjoy making it and sharing with friends and family! 

The finished coconut candy

Pssst! For some extra indulgence you could dip the cooled candy in melted dark chocolate!

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  1. Yummy!!! Will do this soonest by God's grace.

  2. Can't wait to try this recipe out. By the way the pfefferkuchen were scrumptious. Thank you!!

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