Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Still in macramee mode

After completing the copper bracelet I repeated the pattern in two shades of leaf green. The purple bracelet uses only a half (square) knot and therefore spirals. Similar to DNA with it's double helix! 
I want to be more adventurous with all the macramee knots and today tried the beautiful Josephine knot.It turned out alright but was a bit lumpy - why I used 10g wire I don't know. Therefore no picture.
By the way, macramee in wire is easier on the hands than any done in string, rope or cord. Using the latter one really needs force to keep the knots from sliding or opening, but this problem does not arise with wire, because once bent and knotted it just stays in place, even when one uses multiple strands. Hopefully I will show you an example next time. 


  1. Anne, I love how you've made these bracelets - your knotted work is an inspiration.


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