Saturday, 2 May 2009


Reading through my last post again I realized that I made a mistake!

If you want the clasp to look like the links you have to attach it last (with single or double jumpring, even though I said there are no jumprings in this chain), so it will hook into the first link. If you decide to place the hook at the beginning you will have to complete the chain with an eye so it can close.

I am sorry for the mistake!!! Next time I vet what I post properly, so that there will be no confusion.

There is also a big THANK YOU to Lisa of for featuring my work. Go to her blog and see the inspirational thing she has to offer!

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  1. Thank you Anne and welcome on my blog!
    I'm happy that you like my teddy bear - it's not a perfect teddy bear because I'm not really talented. I love drawing but unfortunately my brain and my hand don't communicate very well - I think you understand what I mean:):)
    I appreciate your comment and I am glad you enjoy my site.
    I am crazily in love with plushies and I'm happy to know there are many others who share my love!

    As for your blog - it is enchanting. The jewelry looks awesome! Stylish and unique!

    Wish you a nice weekend!



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