Sunday, 19 April 2009


Maybe this is a first! I decided to make a celtic star motif either as pendant or for earrings. But once finished the star was too floppy and could not hold its shape. Probably I used the wrong gauge wire or a wrong ring size. So once again I had to resort to make a circle to stretch them out and make them rigid. 
That's how dreamcatchers are born!


  1. Love the way your mind works!

    My kids and I made dreamcatchers at camp last fall - mine is hanging in my studio window.

  2. Greetings Anne! Thanks for stopping by Treasures Found...I don't garden and I have only taken one painting class, so I would have to stick with beading (but I admire those who can do either of those!)
    Your earring designs are stunning. I love the string art. That always fascinated me as a kid. And these are a chain maille right? I am taking a mini class at the Bead & Button show in June to learn a simple pattern then I can see if it is something that I can incorporate into my art.
    Enjoy the day!


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