Sunday, 29 March 2009

Necklace Sets

At last! Finally I discovered that I had actually edited the pictures but did not resize them suitable to the web. So I spent the whole day doing that, including some more cropping, and giving each a name. Quite time consuming - the initial file was 153MB!

The first set is a euro 4-1 weave
with Swarovski AB rondelles
and Dorado crystals, done in goldplated wire.

Next is a herringbone 
weave on beautiful 12mm pearls interspersed with Swarovski crystals, also done in goldplated wire.

European 4 in 1
Herringbone Weave
Below you see a byzantine
weave with mother of pearl coin beads and a carnelian as focal point.

The focal in the next set 
is V-shaped in two directions: head on view as well as from the side, filled with assorted Swarovski crystals and other beads. The wire used is copper 20g and the chain is a butterfly weave.

Last but not least is a variation on the byzantine weave for the focal and plain for the necklace. For this I used champagne craft 
wire with olivine Swarovski crystals.
Byzantine Weave

And when you think
that the layout in your 
post is what you are 
going to see on the
blog, you are wrong!
Trying to describe 
each item as it appears
seems to be futile,
because afterwards
all is in disarray!

How do others do it?
You see a picture
and the caption below
it,  again and again.
So, what am I doing 
wrong? I think I
need help!!! 

Byzantine Variant


  1. I know exactly what you mean - the 'review' doesn't match up with the actual post! For that reason, I almost always use 'Large' photo and center it. That way I can center the next line under it for the label.

    I also almost always publish my post, then notice some crazy formatting and have to publish again... and then perhaps again! I always wonder if my followers notice - how embarrassing!

  2. Hallo Anne,

    ich weiß nicht, ob Du wieder auf meinem Blog warst, um meinen Kommentar zu lesen. Füge mich einfach Deinem Blogger-Profil hinzu und Du siehst dort alle Aktualisierungen meines Blogs.
    Deine Schmuckdesigns sind überigens wunderschön!

  3. I forgot you asked about the photos...I had trouble figuring it out myself. When uploading your photos I find it easiest if you pick their placement as centered, and I believe you can also pick the size. I upload them in reverse order as whatever you pick first will end up showing last. Then you can just go back and type whatever you would like between each photo. I hope that helps. I think it is one of those things that the more you play with it the more you find the style that works for you. Now if I could just figure out how to take better photographs! :-)


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