Thursday, 29 January 2009

Well, the bridal set I mentioned some days earlier is almost complete, just the earrings remain. When those are done, I get to practice taking pictures. That is one area which needs serious work to become proficient in producing quality photos fit for the web.

Coming back to the bridal theme, I will attempt to narrate some typical traditional wedding customs from my country. Today will be the first instalment.

Typically when boy meets girl they have to go steady for quite a while before they can broach the subject of marriage to their parents. First the parents want to know: "Who is he/she? Who are the parents? Is that person from a reputable family? What has he/she to offer you in married life? What qualifications/ income/ prospects?" When all those questions were answered satisfactorily, grudgingly the parents will allow the prospective spouse to be introduced in the home. More often than not the father will absent himself with the excuse: "This is women's stuff!"

The first meeting is arranged and spouse to be will be welcomed and then undergo some serious grilling as to all questions mentioned above and of course about his/her intentions regarding their precious child! After being accepted as serious and well-intentioned the next part for the proceedings will be planned by the parents. What is to come is most elaborate and time-consuming but also a lot of fun!

The second instalment will follow tomorrow! I hope you enjoy reading this post. 

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  1. I did enjoy it :)

    Funny, I was just talking yesterday with a friend about how the people I consider some of the best photographers of their jewelry are some who complain about needing to work on their photography skills. I think your pics are great.


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