Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Many Apologies

To all who enjoy my page I apologize for my lengthy absence.

This was due to my crashed computer. So I got a so-called "expert" to recover all my lost data. said expert put the contents of my harddrive onto his own and then put everything back on my new computer. Now I spent time to investigate what was there and what was not. Surprisingly I had now acquired all the stuff that this guy had on his harddrive and my own files were practically gone! Like a demented woman I searched and ransacked every possible corner in every file to locate the missing items. No luck - 90% of my work is lost including all the pictures of the last 3 years, tutorials etc. The rest of all the stuff translated itself into computerese which the system does not recognize. I feel I have been robbed!

On top of this I acquired a new camera and I have to learn how to operate it. So it will be a bit longer before I can put up more photos of all my latest creations and I have not been idle!

Its good to be back and thanks for understanding.