Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Rediscovered - seed beads

Seed beads have been with me since I was a little girl. You grow up and forget about them. Suddenly you want them again, for a collage work or enticing bead embroidery and lastly for jewellery. Making pieces in the French beaded flower technique is something wonderful to learn, but translating this to jewellery is quite challenging.
Today I will show you just one of the pieces I just made - others will follow because the muse bit me!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Summertime - Berry time

When summer comes around I miss the delicious, juicy berries found in temperate climates. Here in the tropics none can grow! So this year I played "pretend" and sat down to use my beads to create fantasy berry clusters as earrings.
Well, we can't enjoy eating them but wearing them instead!

Monday, May 3, 2010

A Moving Story!

No, I do not want you to start shedding tears - it is not that kind of story. What I want to tell you is about moving house. In a way it is sad to leave after almost twenty years in the same house, but at the same time it is like anew beginning. All the girls had grown up, got married and moved to their own homes. So it was time to think of downsizing, the house was simply to large for just two of us. Not only that, but my daughters found it very convenient to leave behind all the things they did not need or could not accommodate in their houses. So, just after Christmas packing up started in earnest. We had twenty wooden crates made by a carpenter, hoping they would take all our stuff. Not so, we still had to buy lots and lots of sturdy bags to stow everything. This goes to show that all my family are pack rats - we never throw anything away because we might be able to use it again. Oh, but there was serious discarding of completely useless things. Still, some of my daughters' belongings still found their way to the new house. On the brighter side, we unearthed some long forgotten things or items which we had been searching for in vain.
Now in our new house there is really little space for everything, especially my beloved books and kitchen equipment, but we will get used to that. But I am most pleased that the contents of my two crates, five bags and eight large containers from my workroom have found space in my new "Studio"! Mostly beads, wire and tools, a few work related books. I never knew the quantities I had before the move - amazing! As soon as I had put my table in I started bringing out my supplies and resumed making my jewellery. And to prove I will post just two pictures today, promising more shortly!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Beautiful Brass

Since I was little I loved brass. In those days usually all door fittings were made of the stuff and it was my job to polish them once a month. To be honest, I did not cherish this work at all, but - and here comes the contradiction - I loved the end result, when everything was sparkling and shiny again! And I loved the colour - the look of ancient gold.
So when recently I found 18g brass wire I just went wild and bought all of it! And a good thing I did, because when I went back to get some other gauges, the manufacturer had added something to give the wire a different colour!

Here is my first project in this beautiful wire, a bracelet in the full Persian weave.

The design for this bangle comes from the book "Wire Wrapping" by Linda Chandler & Christine Ritchie. Only that I did not have square or half round wire, but this does not really matter. I just used my round wire for the 5 lengths required (original says 7) and hammered an additional length flat to do the wrapping with! The beads are Chinese crystal rondelles.

Here is the same design again but with silver beads instead - I do like mixing metals.

If you never tried this type of work before I can recommend the book, there are lots of beautiful projects - all worth practicing!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Anniversary Special

This set was custom ordered by a very lovely lady for her upcoming silver wedding anniversary. Criteria were: to match the gown she is going to wear, quality and originality (that is, not common everyday stuff). It is a chainmaille weave called Helm chain which I adapted into flowers. To make them stay round the AR is very important. I used 18g sterling silver wire and Swarovski CAL crystals embedded in the flowers and as the dangles. For these and the earwires I used 20g Sterling silver wire. It took 569 rings to complete the set and I have the blisters on my fingers to prove that all was handmade!
This particular set will never be made again by me as it is. So my customer can be assured that she really has got " one of a kind" jewellery. And I hope she enjoys wearing it as much as I did creating it!
Till next time.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Many Apologies

To all who enjoy my page I apologize for my lengthy absence.

This was due to my crashed computer. So I got a so-called "expert" to recover all my lost data. said expert put the contents of my harddrive onto his own and then put everything back on my new computer. Now I spent time to investigate what was there and what was not. Surprisingly I had now acquired all the stuff that this guy had on his harddrive and my own files were practically gone! Like a demented woman I searched and ransacked every possible corner in every file to locate the missing items. No luck - 90% of my work is lost including all the pictures of the last 3 years, tutorials etc. The rest of all the stuff translated itself into computerese which the system does not recognize. I feel I have been robbed!

On top of this I acquired a new camera and I have to learn how to operate it. So it will be a bit longer before I can put up more photos of all my latest creations and I have not been idle!

Its good to be back and thanks for understanding.

Monday, June 15, 2009

A little disaster

After my last post my computer went down. That was Saturday evening. By Monday I got it repaired, not knowing that it will get worse. Next I lost sound and finally my PC crashed completely! And I did not have any recent backup, which taught me a great lesson. It took the rest of the week to recover the data from the hard drive. And finally today the reloading on to a brand new computer.
Now I just have to sort out the jumbled files and put them back into folders. And I have to find all my pictures which seem to have disappeared! Not to talk of downloading all the software which has taken leave of absence as well. Oh, what a delightful job!!!
So, please be patient and bear with me. New creations have happened and I will show them as soon as I can.