Monday, December 14, 2009

Beautiful Brass

Since I was little I loved brass. In those days usually all door fittings were made of the stuff and it was my job to polish them once a month. To be honest, I did not cherish this work at all, but - and here comes the contradiction - I loved the end result, when everything was sparkling and shiny again! And I loved the colour - the look of ancient gold.
So when recently I found 18g brass wire I just went wild and bought all of it! And a good thing I did, because when I went back to get some other gauges, the manufacturer had added something to give the wire a different colour!

Here is my first project in this beautiful wire, a bracelet in the full Persian weave.

The design for this bangle comes from the book "Wire Wrapping" by Linda Chandler & Christine Ritchie. Only that I did not have square or half round wire, but this does not really matter. I just used my round wire for the 5 lengths required (original says 7) and hammered an additional length flat to do the wrapping with! The beads are Chinese crystal rondelles.

Here is the same design again but with silver beads instead - I do like mixing metals.

If you never tried this type of work before I can recommend the book, there are lots of beautiful projects - all worth practicing!